China Professional EP-9.311-JCG Rotary Tiller Cultivator Gearbox for Agricultural with Great quality

EP-9.311-JCG Rotary Tiller Cultivator Gearbox for Agricultural

ITEM HC-9.311-JCG Rotary Tiller Gearbox
Ratio 1:3
Teeth 36/12
Module  4.35
Power(HP) 50
Rated Input 540rpm
Input/Output Description 1 3/8 Z6 Optic axis
Weight(N.W) 21KG

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We Also Supply PTO Shafts

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How to replace the gearbox on your rotary cultivator?

1. Unhook the tiller from the tractor.
2. Make sure the tiller is securely blocked and leveled.
3. Remove the PTO shaft from the tiller.
4. You must reverse tines on the tiller before reverse operation.

5. To reverse the tine direction, remove 4 (4) bolts at each end of the tine carrier.
6. Carefully drop out the tine set and turn 180° and place it in front of the tiller. Before reattaching the tines, remove the gearbox.

7. Loosen and remove a total of (6) bolts, (2) on top of the gearbox and (4) underneath.

8. Slide gearbox to left approximately 5”. Side key shaft should drop out of gearbox on the right-hand side.
NOTE: If the key shaft does not come out of the gearbox, simply slide the key shaft out of the side gearbox first and then remove it from the main gearbox.

9. Slide gearbox forward and out.

10. Remove the fill plug from the top of the gearbox.

11. Remove the flat plug from the bottom of the gearbox. Switch the fill plug from the top of the gearbox to the bottom and flat plug from the bottom to top

12. On the side opposite where the key shaft was inserted, find the washer held in by a snap ring.

13. Using snap ring pliers, carefully remove the snap ring

14. Remove washer from key shaft hole as well.
15. Put washer and snap ring back into the hole where the key shaft was just removed.

16. Flip the gearbox over and re-insert it into a frame
17. Slide the key shaft into the now freed-up key shaft hole on the opposite side of the gearbox.
18. Slide the gearbox back to the center of the tiller
19. Reinsert 6 bolts (2 top, 4 bottoms). Do not tighten until all 6 are successfully started.
20. Once the key shaft is successfully reinserted and all 6 bolts are started by hand, tighten all 6 bolts on the gearbox. Do not tighten any of the 6 gearbox bolts until all 6 have been threaded and started, then tighten.

21. Carefully reattach to each hub.
NOTE: Instructions partially made with tines removed for instructional clarity only Tine set is heavy and contains WARNING sharp edges. Handle carefully!
22. Your tiller unit should now turn and till in the reverse direction.

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