China OEM Suspension Bushing Front Axle Both Sides 352377 for Citroen Berlingo/C4/C5 Peugeot 206/307/3008 with Great quality

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Suspension Bushing Front Axle Both Sides 352377 for Citroen BERLINGO/C4/C5 Peugeot 206/307/3
41 0571
2 0571


Citroen  BERLINGO Box Body/MPV (B9) 1.6 VTi 120  2009-  5FS (EP6C)  1598  88  Box Body/MPV
Citroen  BERLINGO Box Body/MPV (B9) 1.6 VTi 95  2571-  5FK (EP6CB)  1598  72  Box Body/MPV
Citroen  BERLINGO MULTISPACE (B9) 1.2 PureTech 110  2016-  HNZ (EB2DT)  1199  81  MPV
Citroen  BERLINGO MULTISPACE (B9) 1.6  2008-  NFU (TU5JP4)  1587  80  MPV
Citroen  BERLINGO Platform/Chassis (B9) 1.6 HDi 90 16V  2008-  90HX (DV6ATED4) 1560  66  Platform/Chassis
Citroen  BERLINGO Platform/Chassis (B9) 1.6 HDi 92  2571-2017  9HJ (DV6DTEDM) 1560  68  Platform/Chassis
Citroen  C4 Coupe (LA_) 1.4 16V  2004-2011  KFU (ET3J4)  1360  65  Coupe
Citroen  C4 Coupe (LA_) 1.6 16V  2004-2011  NFU (TU5JP4)  1587  80  Coupe
Citroen  C4 GRAND PICASSO I (UA_) 2.0 i 16V  2006-2013  RFJ (EW10A)  1997  103 MPV
Citroen  C4 GRAND PICASSO I (UA_) 2.0 i Exclusive 16V  2008-2013  RFJ (EW10A)  1997  105  MPV
Citroen  C4 I (LC_) 1.4 16V  2004-2011  KFU (ET3J4)  1360  65  Hatchback
Citroen  C4 I (LC_) 1.6 16V  2004-2011  NFU (TU5JP4)  1587  80  Hatchback
Citroen  C4 I Saloon 1.6 16V  2006-2011  NFU (TU5JP4)  1587  80  Saloon
Citroen  C4 I Saloon 1.6 HDi  2006-2011  9HY (DV6TED4),9HZ (DV6TED4)  1560  80 Saloon
Citroen  C4 PICASSO I MPV (UD_) 2.0 La Luna  2008-2013  RFN (EW10J4)  1997  105 MPV
Citroen  C5 III Break (RW_) 2.0 HDi 140  2009-  RHA (DW10CTED4),RHF (DW10BTED4) 1997  103  Estate
Peugeot  206 CC (2D) 1.6 16V (2DNFUF, 2DNFUR)  2000-2007  NFU (TU5JP4)  1587  80 Convertible
Peugeot  206 CC (2D) 1.6 HDi 110  2005-2007  9HZ (DV6TED4)  1560  80  Convertible
Peugeot  206 Hatchback (2A/C) 1.1  1998-2000  HFY (TU1JP)  1124  40  Hatchback
Peugeot  206 Hatchback (2A/C) 1.1 i  1998-2007  HFX (TU1JP),HFZ (TU1JP)  1124  44 Hatchback
Peugeot  206 Saloon 1.4  2007-  KFV (TU3A),KFW (TU3JP)  1360  55  Saloon
Peugeot  206 SW (2E/K) 1.1  2002-2007  HFX (TU1JP)  1124  44  Estate
Peugeot  3008 MPV (0U_) 2.0 HDi 150 / BlueHDi 150  2009-2016  AHX (DW10FD),RHE (DW10CTED4)  1997  110  MPV
Peugeot  3008 MPV (0U_) 2.0 HDi Hybrid4 (0URHCA)  2011-2016  RHC (DW10CTED4)  1997  147  MPV
Peugeot  307 (3A/C) 1.4  2000-2003  KFW (TU3JP)  1360  55  Hatchback
Peugeot  307 (3A/C) 1.4 16V  2003-2007  KFU (ET3J4)  1360  65  Hatchback
Peugeot  5008 (0U_, 0E_) 2.0 HDi 150 / BlueHDi 150  2009-2017  AHX (DW10FD),RHE (DW10CTED4)  1997  110  MPV
Peugeot  PARTNER Box Body/MPV 1.6  2008-  NFU (TU5JP4)  1587  80  Box Body/MPV
Peugeot  PARTNER TEPEE 1.6 VTi  2009-2016  5FS (EP6C)  1598  88  MPV
Peugeot  PARTNER TEPEE 1.6 VTi  2008-  NFU (TU5JP4)  1587  80  MPV
Peugeot  RCZ 1.6 16V  2571-2015  5FV (EP6CDT)  1598  115  Coupe
Peugeot  RCZ 1.6 16V  2571-2015  EP6CDTX  1598  147  Coupe


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Selling Units: Single item
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ZheJiang Mighty Machinery Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of auto bearings for more than 20 years. We provide a one-stop service for our customers. Our main products include wheel bearings & hub assembly, belt tensioners, clutch release bearings, and other parts.

Relying on the professional and rich manufacturing experience and many substantial factories which stable cooperated for many years, PPB supplies customers high-quality products at very competitive prices.


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1. What’s the minimum order quantity?

We don’t have the minimum order quantity. We can also provide free samples, but you need to pay the freight.

 2. Do you provide ODM&OEM order service?

Yes, we provide ODM&OEM services to customers around the world, and we can customize different brands and different sizes of packaging boxes according to customers’ requirements.

3. After-sales service and warranty time

We guarantee that our products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship within 12 months from the date of delivery. The warranty is void due to improper use, incorrect installation, and physical damage.

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Send us an email of the models, brand, quantity, consignee information, model of transportation, and payment
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We use standardized export packaging and environmental protection packaging materials. If you have a legally registered patent, we will package the goods in your brand box after receiving your authorization

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The delivery time of sample order is 3-5 days, and that of a batch order is 5-45 days. The exact delivery time depends on the item and the quantity you ordered.

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Yes, according to ISO standards, we have professional Q/C personnel, precision testing instruments, and an internal inspection system. We control the quality of every process from material receiving to packaging to ensure that you receive high-quality products

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A:1. We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit ;
2. We respect every customer as our friend and we sincerely do business and make friends with them,
no matter where they come from.

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After-sales Service: One Year
Warranty: One Year
Material: Stainless Steel
Certification: ISO/TS16949
Car Make: Volkswagen, WuLing, Benz, BMW, Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, Jeep, Nissan, Ford, Buick, Chery, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Geely, Roewe, Audi, Peugeot, Lexus, Volvo, Mazda, Kia
Position: Front Axle, Left, Lower
US$ 9.9/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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cv axle

Can you describe the maintenance and repair considerations for front axles?

Maintenance and repair of front axles are essential to ensure the safe and efficient operation of a vehicle. Here are key considerations:

1. Regular Inspection:

– Routine visual inspections can help identify early signs of wear, damage, or leakage in components such as CV joints, boots, and bearings. Inspect for visible cracks, tears, or unusual noises.

2. Lubrication:

– Lubrication is crucial for front axle components, particularly in solid front axles with grease fittings. Regularly greasing the fittings helps reduce friction, prolong component life, and maintain proper function.

3. Boot Replacement:

– CV joint boots protect the joints from debris and moisture. Damaged or torn boots should be replaced promptly to prevent dirt and moisture from entering and causing premature wear of CV joints.

4. Wheel Alignment:

– Proper wheel alignment is vital to prevent uneven tire wear and maintain vehicle stability. Regular alignment checks and adjustments are necessary, especially after hitting potholes or curbs.

5. Replacement of Worn Components:

– If components like CV joints, axle shafts, or bearings exhibit excessive wear or damage, they should be replaced. Replacing worn parts is essential for safety and optimal performance.

6. Professional Service:

– Complex front axle repairs, such as rebuilding CV joints or replacing axle shafts, are best left to experienced mechanics. Professional service ensures the work is done correctly and safely.

7. Balancing Tires:

– Properly balanced tires reduce vibrations and help maintain front axle components’ integrity. Regular tire balancing contributes to overall vehicle safety and comfort.

8. Maintenance Schedule:

– Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule outlined in the vehicle’s owner’s manual. Adhering to these guidelines can extend the life of front axle components and prevent unexpected failures.

9. Grease Types:

– When greasing components, use the manufacturer-recommended grease type and quantity. Over-greasing can lead to damage, and under-greasing can result in premature wear.

– Regular maintenance, inspections, and prompt repairs are essential to ensure the longevity and safe operation of a vehicle’s front axles.

cv axle

Can you explain the impact of a front axle on a vehicle’s ride quality?

The front axle of a vehicle has a significant impact on the vehicle’s ride quality, which is the overall comfort and smoothness of the ride experienced by passengers. Here’s how the front axle affects ride quality:

1. Suspension Design:

– The design of the front suspension, including the front axle, plays a crucial role in ride quality. The suspension system is responsible for absorbing shocks and vibrations from the road surface. A well-designed front suspension with the right components, such as shock absorbers, coil springs, or air springs, can effectively dampen road imperfections and provide a smoother ride.

2. Weight Distribution:

– The weight carried by the front axle, including the engine and front suspension components, affects the distribution of weight on the front tires. Proper weight distribution ensures that the tires have good traction and grip, contributing to stability and ride comfort. Uneven weight distribution can lead to a harsher ride, especially over bumps and uneven terrain.

3. Impact Absorption:

– When the front tires encounter bumps, potholes, or rough road surfaces, the front axle and suspension components work together to absorb the impacts. The suspension compresses and decompresses to minimize the jolts and vibrations transmitted to the vehicle’s occupants. A well-tuned front axle and suspension system provide a cushioning effect, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable ride.

4. Steering and Handling:

– The front axle also influences the vehicle’s steering and handling, which are important factors for ride quality. A properly aligned front axle and suspension contribute to responsive steering and predictable handling. This enhances the driver’s control and passenger comfort during cornering and maneuvering.

5. Tires and Wheels:

– The choice of tires and wheels can impact ride quality. Tires with sidewalls designed for comfort and shock absorption can further enhance the front axle’s ability to provide a smooth ride. Additionally, the use of balanced and properly aligned wheels contributes to reduced vibrations and a more comfortable driving experience.

– In summary, the front axle’s impact on a vehicle’s ride quality is closely tied to its role in the suspension system, weight distribution, impact absorption, steering, and handling. A well-designed and maintained front axle, along with the right suspension components and tires, ensures a more comfortable and enjoyable ride for both the driver and passengers.

cv axle

Are there different front axle designs for various types of vehicles?

Yes, different types of vehicles utilize various front axle designs tailored to their specific needs and functions:

1. Solid Front Axle:

Live Axle: Solid front axles, often referred to as live axles, are commonly found in heavy-duty trucks, off-road vehicles, and older vehicle designs. They are known for their robustness and ability to handle heavy loads. Live axles provide excellent load-bearing capacity and are well-suited for rugged terrains and applications where durability is crucial.

Dead Axle: Some vehicles, especially older rear-wheel-drive (RWD) cars, employ a dead front axle. In this configuration, the front wheels are not powered, and the rear wheels receive the engine’s power. This design simplifies the front axle and steering system.

2. Independent Front Suspension (IFS):

– Independent front suspension, often in the form of MacPherson strut or double wishbone setups, is used in modern passenger cars, SUVs, and crossover vehicles. IFS provides a smoother ride, better handling, and improved comfort by allowing each wheel to move independently without affecting the other. It is well-suited for on-road use and paved surfaces.

3. Torsion Bar Suspension:

– Torsion bar suspension is employed in various vehicle types, including some trucks and SUVs. It uses torsion bars to control wheel movement and provides a balance between ride comfort and handling. Torsion bar suspensions are durable and versatile.

4. MacPherson Strut with Lateral Link:

– This design combines elements of the MacPherson strut with additional lateral links for improved stability and handling. It is often used in mid-sized and larger vehicles.

Front axle designs vary to suit the intended purpose and characteristics of the vehicle, with heavy-duty and off-road vehicles favoring solid front axles for their durability, while passenger cars prioritize independent front suspension for a smoother and more comfortable ride.

China OEM Suspension Bushing Front Axle Both Sides 352377 for Citroen Berlingo/C4/C5 Peugeot 206/307/3008   with Great quality China OEM Suspension Bushing Front Axle Both Sides 352377 for Citroen Berlingo/C4/C5 Peugeot 206/307/3008   with Great quality
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